I need ideas for sprites...

2008-02-09 09:44:35 by Nickclick2

K, so i'm making a 10 minute movie, actually.
So it obviously needs a load of Mario sprites for it, since it needs many characters.

so, what Mario sprites should I use? Just tell me the name of the sprites.


PS: I will include you in the credits if you give me 1 idea, maybe.


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2008-02-09 11:26:21

Would help to know which kind of movie you're making. However, Yoshi is a good side kick, comic relief, etc. kind of character that would be easy to fit in.

Nickclick2 responds:

Like, I meant minor characters, but Yoshi'll work.
I'll put you in the credits if I use him, along with the sprite creator. :)


2008-02-09 13:36:25

You could make a James Bond-styled movie about how Mario and Luigi break into Bowser's secret castle in the sky using awesome technology. Mario could be the complete scaredy-cat moron and Luigi could be the one that plans everything out.

I dunno.

Heh, I estimate I've made nearly 20 minutes of Mario-related animation in total. Video game parodies are very fun to make.

Nickclick2 responds:

No, I already have the movie planned out and the first 2 minutes Story-Boarded(or comicced, I dunno) I'm just trying to think of characters.


2008-02-09 20:36:35

Try using Browser, for a minor villian and Luigi! Mario will be there of course, I presume. Also, use that magaician gumba. I forgot his name.

Nickclick2 responds:

Well, all those characters will be in it, but I'm not sure about Bowser.

And what Goomba magician?


2008-02-10 05:39:41

Oh, ok. Shyguys on stilts.

Nickclick2 responds:

Hmm.... OK. That should work. Thanks.


2008-02-15 18:57:38

Add baby Bowser!


2008-02-18 23:21:42

NO! IT was the magician Koopa!


2008-02-26 17:30:07

It was Kappa!

Nickclick2 responds:

Kappa... that name sounds very familiar...


2008-05-27 02:41:15

Hmmmm....Try link, or Gannon, or Bowser, they would probably be great!